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Intellectual Property-a short overview-Rachel Pasher Eijkenaar, Adv.:

A general talk about Intellectual Property.

This should not be referred to as legal advise :).

The first part of this talk - has bee trimmed- as it was part of a longer online meeting.

I was fortunate to be invited to give this talk within a unique program, that is a collaboration between the Western Galilee College- and the Edna Pasher Group- within a unique & original program : "our world is our classroom"ץ

This kind of program is designed to create global collaborations on impact entrepreneurship. This specific program that collaborates with the collage - deals with the issue and the subject of Holocaust remembrance.

As for my mention of cab drivers within it - I chose them as an example of an inventive group of people as:1. I often ride with cabs2.I always-almost speak with them- and learn what is going on around me- and at least in one out of 2 rides- they offer their solutions, advise, plans etc.- and i love listening.

Here is the link to the video:

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