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Land of Milk and Honey

Connecting knowledge and IP- to the Shavuot Holiday. This holiday reminds us of our Land of milk and honey! IP is the organization's "milk and honey".

Using knowledge and Intellectual property in your organization to create a private “land of milk and honey”:

1. Share the knowledge you can(the non secret kind)to create goodwill.

2. Create simple & routine ways for all org. members to share knowledge within your organization.

3. Choose with your legal advisors - what parts of the knowledge are IP worthy- and how they can be used for the organization's benefit-via sale or license.

4. Missing any knowledge in your org.? consider purchase of it or recruiting a person that owns it- not before agreeing on its ownership and the ownership of new knowledge created based on it.

5. knowledge is the organization's milk and honey-part of your assets. Treat it as such and it will provide you with valuable fruits.

Happy Shavuot and fruitful knowledge assets to all.

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