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Investigating- how to stay relevant within your profession - with AI already here.

Rachel Pasher Eijkenaar, IP Adv. and AI curious

As in my previous posts about AI- I set a goal - to myself- prompting the AI on a regular base - thus learning from it, and at the same time practicing my prompting skills- to try and stay one step ahead. Keep asking questions - to keep you and AI on our toes. Each of you can ask AI a similar question regarding your profession. Obviously- I have my own thoughts on this issue- and I do not intend to accept AI's answer as is - I am free thinkng human :). Yet- I do think we ought to learn how to work with AI- and to do that- I think we can learn how it thinks and choose what we want to learn from it.

My question to AI today: I am a lawyer- what should I do to stay relevant once AI offers legal services Main points in it’s answer: As AI offering legal services, becomes more prevalent, it's crucial for lawyers to adapt and stay relevant in the changing legal landscape. Here are some steps you can take to maintain your relevance:

1. Embrace technology 2. Specialize in complex and high-value areas 3. Focus on advisory and counselling roles 4. Cultivate emotional intelligence: One advantage lawyers have over AI is their ability to empathize and understand human emotions. 5. Continuously update your legal knowledge 6. Collaborate with AI: Rather than viewing AI as a threat, consider it as a tool to enhance your legal practice.

7. Adapt and learn new skills: Recognize that the legal industry is evolving, and new skills may be required to stay relevant. 8. Remember, while AI can automate certain legal tasks, it cannot replace the skills, judgment, and human touch that a lawyer brings to the table. By embracing technology, specializing in complex areas, and focusing on providing value-added services, you can maintain your relevance and thrive in the AI-enabled legal landscape.

the answer was given by Chat GPT May 24 version

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