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On Innovation and Intellectual Property

Adv. Rachel Pasher Eikanar hosts Dr. Hila Oren in “Racheli and friends” I was happy to host the CEO of the Tel Aviv Foundation, Dr. Hila Oren, as my guest at “Racheli & Friends” in June this year. Dr. Hila Oren is the CEO of the Tel Aviv Foundation since 2016. “Hila works to identify and support cross-sectorial urban projects that advance the vision of the Mayor and the municipality regarding the urban development. She believes wholeheartedly in raising resources for innovative education projects that promote the quality of life of the city’s residents.” – the Tel Aviv Foundation website Hila spoke about the innovative, fast, vital and amazing actions in my eyes, which the foundation provide to the residents of Tel Aviv-Yafo, during the Covid-19 period, as well as about the sharing of accumulated innovative knowledge with other cities around the world. This continues to be relevant now – as all the authorities, including Tel Aviv Municipality, continue to mitigate the epidemic. We discussed how innovation, in the context of coping, may create content that becomes an intellectual property asset. The story of the foundation, and similar foundations that operate to benefit cities in Israel and around the world, is a story that combines some powerful components: Urban resilience – in the very existence of such a body as an economic, social, collaborative, additional source of positive power to act for the city and for it’s residents. Collaboration and cooperation between the foundation and the municipality, various funds around the world, the participation of residents in action and the participation of donors who contribute to initiatives and activities in the city. Creative thinking by Hila and her team – who never stop looking for ways to make the best use of the funds for which the fund is responsible and as fruitful collaborations as possible – with any body that can help the fund advance its goals and that the fund can help it advance those goals. One of the main goals, of course, is to serve the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo and its residents.



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