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AI - on how to protect copyrighted work from AI :)

Rachel Pasher EIjkenaar, Adv.

I decided to ask AI - how to deal with AI, regarding AI's use (including for training purposes), of work found online.

Before sharing bot the question and answer - I checked the terms of use on ChatGPT May 24 Version with regards to publication and attribution-

In the link . Here is a small part of what is asked of the users:

"Content attribution

If publishing text or images generated by an OpenAI model, you are not required to attribute. However, if you’d like to, we encourage you to use the language below.


  • Written with ChatGPT

  • Caption written with ChatGPT

  • Created with DALL·E

  • Image created with DALL·E


  • Written by ChatGPT

  • Caption written by ChatGPT

  • Created by DALL·E

  • Image created by DALL·E"

So, I could publish the answer and although I don't need to attribute - I choose to and so the answer was given by Chat GPT May 24 version:

My question:

write 10 bullet points on: how to protect copyrighted work from unauthorized use by AI

ChatGPT The answer:

  1. Understand copyright laws: Familiarize yourself with the copyright laws in your country or region to understand your rights and the protections available for your work.

  2. Register your copyright: Consider registering your copyrighted work with the appropriate authorities to establish a public record of your ownership. This can provide additional legal protection and make it easier to enforce your rights.

  3. Clearly mark your work: Include copyright notices on your work, such as using the copyright symbol (©), your name, and the year of creation. This notifies others that your work is protected and that permission is required for any use.

  4. Watermark your digital content: Adding visible or semi-transparent watermarks to your digital content can deter unauthorized use, as it makes it more difficult for others to pass off your work as their own.

  5. Monitor online platforms: Regularly search for your copyrighted work on various online platforms, including websites, social media, and file-sharing platforms. If you find unauthorized use, you can take appropriate action to have the content removed.

  6. Use digital rights management (DRM) technologies: Employ DRM technologies to control access to your digital content and prevent unauthorized copying, distribution, and modification. This can include encryption, access controls, and licensing mechanisms.

  7. License your work: Consider offering licenses for the authorized use of your copyrighted work. By clearly defining the terms and conditions of use, you can control how others can utilize your work while still protecting your rights.

  8. Monitor AI-generated content: Stay informed about advancements in AI technology, particularly in relation to content generation. Regularly check for AI-generated content that may infringe on your copyrighted work and take appropriate action.

  9. Seek legal advice: If you suspect your copyrighted work has been infringed by AI or any other means, consult with an intellectual property lawyer. They can guide you through the legal process, advise on enforcement actions, and help protect your rights.

  10. Educate others: Raise awareness about copyright laws and the importance of respecting intellectual property. By educating others, you can promote a culture that values and protects creative work, reducing the likelihood of unauthorized use by AI or any other means.[The end of the AI answer].

It seems to me as good work AI - with so many assignments- and all so that our works- original copyrighted works will not be misused by you.

Should we thank your creators or should we ask them to please remember - that if humans will loose the inventive and creative incentive - AI's wells will dry out. So it is in the interest of all players on the board to make sure that human creators keep enjoying the fruit of their creation - and at the same time AI can and should be used for advancing positive goals- just as any other sustainable economic organism should.

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